Following the latest news released about the Visionarium’s acquisition, ITCenter CEO Sérgio Castro confirms that the company celebrated a pledge to buy and sell the building, with the Associação Empresarial de Portugal (AEP), owner of Visionarium. However, the deal is not yet complete.

ITCenter’s intention is to transform the space into its research and development center and to hire highly skilled engineers as a response to its business growth.

Regarding the ambiguity about the continuity of the science exposition, this is an issue of the responsibility of AEP. Therefore, only this entity should provide proper feedback on the matter. ITCenter’s purchase agreement solely concerns the building and implies no vote decision about whether or not to maintain the exposition in another place.

ITCenter is currently waiting for all legal procedures to take place, between AEP and the former Visionarium’s occupant, so that its transfer can be fulfilled through the promise agreement already celebrated.