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Hardware Maintenance

March 16, 2023

IT Operations are an increasingly critical part of the business. As technology has become more complex, so have the systems that support it. Today, technology departments have to ensure that the entire technological ecosystem supports the business in multiple dimensions.

We can help your company focus on your core business while maintaining a high quality of service for your operations.


Single hardware failures can interrupt your service for an indefinite time, and being offline can be damaging to your business.
Every time equipment in your data center fails, you simply place a call, and our team will promptly solve the problem.
The service includes on-site visits, labor, and parts, so there’s no additional cost for any repair.


The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is as flexible as you need it to be

You can define different levels to match the priorities attached to your equipment.


Single Point of Contact

Multiple brands and models within a data center can lead to a stressful and time-consuming task whenever something fails. By acting as your Single Point of Contact, our team takes the lead as soon as you call.


Avoid predictable failures

Our Hardware Maintenance service can be empowered with a preventive maintenance layer with addition of monitoring capabilities.

By monitoring your data center equipment:

  • Detection of pre-failure signs asap
  • Act in advance to reduce the impact on your service


We offer both support options to offer the solution that best suits your needs

Although our service is based on Third-Party Maintenance (TPM), we know the official support can at times be the better option.

That’s why we help you define which maintenance suits each equipment, so you can get a customized service that is still respectful of your interests.



Increase savings with TPM

  • Your maintenance contract savings can go up to 70% if you opt for TPM

Extend the life of your IT

  • Make the most out of your datacenter equipment               

"TPM contracts can offer customers 50% to 70% savings off net OEM support prices.” - Gartner, August 2019

Cyber Threat Predictions for 2023

January 23, 2023

In 2022, Fortinet made several predictions about how the threat landscape would evolve, ranging from attackers spending more effort on pre-attack activities to an increasing number of attack attempts impacting operational technology (OT).

At the beginning of 2023, Fortinet looked at how some of their predictions fared, and how they expect these threats to evolve as they plan for this year.

Fortinet predicted an increase in new vulnerabilities and more "left-hand" activity, or pre-attack reconnaissance and weaponizations, among attackers, paving the way for further escalation in the growth of Crime-as-a-Service(CaaS). And in the first half of 2022 alone, the number of new ransomware variants identified by Fortinet increased by nearly 100% compared to the previous six-month period, with the FortiGuard Labs team documenting 10,666 new ransomware variants in H1 2022, compared to just 5,400 in H2 2021.

This explosive growth in new ransomware variants is largely due to the growing popularity of RaaS on the dark web.

Like streaming media or food delivery apps, Fortinet expects cybercriminal organizations to embrace subscription-based services and purchase plug-and-play ransomware for a quick payday. To increase the pressure on victims, RaaS operators often threaten to release stolen data on the dark web if their demands aren't met.

While the number of ransomware variants introduced is skyrocketing, largely due to RaaS, ransomware payments are also on the rise. The U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) reported that organizations paid nearly $600 million for ransomware in the first half of 2021, putting the U.S. on track to surpass the combined payouts of the previous decade in a single year.

According to one survey, 72% of respondents said they have a ransom policy in place, and the procedure for 49% of them is to pay the ransom outright.

Fortinet now predicts that the CaaS market will expand significantly through 2023 and beyond, with new exploits, services, and structured programs soon to be offered to threat actors through subscription models.

Cloud Pak for Business Automation

End-to-end business automation to accelerate growth and performance
December 14, 2022

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a solution created by IBM that helps clients accelerate growth and performance with end-to-end business automation.

This solution was built to help business and IT teams to:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Apply automation to key areas for greater business impact
  • Create business applications to quickly address changing environments
  • Optimize your workforce with AI-powered end-to-end automation

Features and benefits

  • Process mining and modeling
  • RPA and digital employees
  • Operational intelligence
  • Core automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is part of the IBM Automation platform. Tap into IBM’s shared automation services to get insight into how your processes run, visualize hotspots and bottlenecks, and use financial impact information to prioritize which issues to address first.

To learn more about IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, please get in touch.

Building a future-ready rural broadband infrastructure

December 6, 2022

Networks, both large and small operators, are navigating a series of simultaneous technology transitions.  Operators will have to juggle all those transitions to a great or lesser extent, while also trying to expand substantially into challenging service areas.

The present report explores key considerations facing rural operators as they navigate a massive influx of funding during a time of multiple network technology transitions, and how operators are strategizing to make the highest and best use of those tax dollars in the context of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Networks International Communications Service Providers

December 6, 2022

A10 Networks commissioned a survey, undertaken by an independent research organization, to understand the challenges and issues facing communications service providers when it comes to the lasting impact that COVID-19 has had on their subscribers and enterprises. 

Read this analysis to discover how senior IT professionals in communications service providers are planning to adapt to the new post-pandemic world and the challenges they face with a more distributed workplace.

The Rise of Network as a Service (NaaS)

December 6, 2022

Cisco’s Global Networking Trends Report 2022 focuses on an emerging trend that has big implications for the future: network as a service.

Over the past year, IT leaders and network professionals have been tasked with enabling remote workers, protecting data across a more distributed computing landscape, and delivering new services for users, customers, and partners. Many businesses accelerated their digital transformation efforts to meet these new requirements, leveraging the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) for increased flexibility, agility, and speed.

To better understand the results, you can consult the complete document

Selecting a Fit-for-Purpose Server Platform for Datacenter Infrastructure

December 6, 2022

Dell has noticed a marked shift in the digital economy in terms of how businesses rely on infrastructure. Business priorities are driving workload transformation and placement, which in turn are driving infrastructure transformation. Investing in “fit-for-purpose” workload infrastructure is one of the crucial pillars of this transformational journey.

To support superior business outcomes, CIOs must make strategic investments in IT infrastructure to support current and next-generation workloads. This infrastructure must:

  • Be highly available and scalable
  • Support end-to-end security
  • Support high-performance compute
  • Enable fast data access

Here is an example of a document that is meant to provide a quick set of inferences and insights for IT professionals and business decision makers seeking to perform further due diligence on the capabilities of the product and/or services that have been evaluated.

Creating a modern data lake with PowerScale and PowerFlex

December 6, 2022

Dell needed to consolidate its data analytics databases into a single data lake that would leverage Dell’s modern cloud technology to increase agility, efficiency, and capacity. Dell IT’s data organization is in the midst of a multi-year process to migrate data from the old legacy systems into a new modern environment centered on Dell EMC PowerFlex and Dell EMC PowerScale.

PowerFlex and PowerScale may turn out to be the key to the problems.

Dell aims to achieve results for the general benefit and has the following as its first steps:

  • Ability to tier storage;
  • Improved efficiency in scaling the environment;
  • Non-disruptive node maintenance and replacement.
  • Increased Hadoop service levels and performance while significantly reducing overall Hadoop platform costs.
  • PowerScale allows IT to replicate highest-priority Hadoop workloads, enabling disaster recovery.
  • PowerFlex provides high-performance and low latency for data lake applications and datasets.
  • PowerFlex provides a common platform for applications that complement the data lake.
  • PowerFlex and PowerScale mixed architecture takes up less data center space than traditional servers.

The Total Economic Impact of F5 As A Partner For Cloud Migration

December 6, 2022

F5 commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by migrating applications and workloads to the cloud with F5 as a partner.

Applications and workloads migrated to the cloud deliver more consistent performance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability than their on-premises counterparts. Adds to it speech that digital transformation efforts such as migrating to the cloud take significant time. 

F5 as a partner on the journey can help accelerate the process, providing value realization sooner and mitigating risk with its solutions for the cloud - which includes multicloud, load balancing, application acceleration, and advanced web application security controls.

Download to consult the outcomes