IT Operations are an increasingly critical part of the business. As technology has become more complex, so have the systems that support it. Today, technology departments have to ensure that the entire technological ecosystem supports the business in multiple dimensions.

We can help your company focus on your core business while maintaining a high quality of service for your operations.


Single hardware failures can interrupt your service for an indefinite time, and being offline can be damaging to your business.
Every time equipment in your data center fails, you simply place a call, and our team will promptly solve the problem.
The service includes on-site visits, labor, and parts, so there’s no additional cost for any repair.


The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is as flexible as you need it to be

You can define different levels to match the priorities attached to your equipment.


Single Point of Contact

Multiple brands and models within a data center can lead to a stressful and time-consuming task whenever something fails. By acting as your Single Point of Contact, our team takes the lead as soon as you call.


Avoid predictable failures

Our Hardware Maintenance service can be empowered with a preventive maintenance layer with addition of monitoring capabilities.

By monitoring your data center equipment:

  • Detection of pre-failure signs asap
  • Act in advance to reduce the impact on your service


We offer both support options to offer the solution that best suits your needs

Although our service is based on Third-Party Maintenance (TPM), we know the official support can at times be the better option.

That’s why we help you define which maintenance suits each equipment, so you can get a customized service that is still respectful of your interests.



Increase savings with TPM

  • Your maintenance contract savings can go up to 70% if you opt for TPM

Extend the life of your IT

  • Make the most out of your data center equipment               

"TPM contracts can offer customers 50% to 70% savings off net OEM support prices.” - Gartner, August 2019

IT solutions as unique as [[your business]]

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