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Cyber Threat Predictions for 2022

December 6, 2022

Last years has seen an unprecedented rise in cybercrime.

Research developed by FortiGuard Labs showed an almost 11x increase in ransomware in the 12 months between July 2020 and June 2021. Also affirmed an increase in attacks on high-profile targets, including the supply chain attack on SolarWinds and the disruption of Colonial Pipeline and JBS Meats, which affect thousands of organizations and millions of people who have nothing to do with IT.

  • Using advanced extended detection and response that block critical malware functions, such as contacting a C2 server to download a malicious payload;
  • Integrated Sandboxing technology across the network, including next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), secure email gateways, and cloud-based security solutions whether as a standalone solution or as part of a virtual firewall;
  • Implementing automation and analytics tools designed to recognize attack patterns and techniques, such as behavioral analytics and deceptive network strategies and solutions combined with honeypots;
  • Using any tools designed to detect and interrupt a threat also needs to be augmented with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems that have been trained to spot anomalous behavior and that can sift through and correlate log files and indicators of compromise (IOCs) to detect complex, multifront attacks.

Get know the predictions for 2022 bellow

Cloud Security Report 2022

December 6, 2022

Organizations continue to shift workloads to the cloud at a rapid pace to achieve faster time to market, increased responsiveness, and cost reductions. With the majority of organizations expected to have more than half their workloads in the cloud within the next 12-18 months, it is no surprise that cloud security continues to remain a top concern.

Consider the insights uncovered in this report:

• Most organizations continue to pursue a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy to integrate multiple services, for scalability, or for business continuity reasons. Seventy-six percent are utilizing two or more cloud providers.

• Cloud users confirm that the cloud is delivering on the promise of flexible capacity and scalability, increased agility, and improved availability and business continuity.

• Security professionals highlight lack of visibility, high cost, lack of control, and lack of security as the biggest unforeseen factors to slow or stop cloud adoption.

• Cloud security continues to be a significant concern for cybersecurity professionals. 

Cybersecurity Remains Mission Critical

December 6, 2022

The wild and digital world can be scary and challenging, especially for small to midsize businesses. As technologies become increasingly distributed and interconnected, the cyberthreat landscape continues to evolve and gain complexity and danger.

HPE is one of the organizations that struggles the most to stay ahead of an endless and ever-growing collection of security threats and vulnerabilities. Limited money and resources regularly become synonymous with threats to these types of companies. Therefore, they need expert information, knowledge and assistance to ensure they get cyber security right.

Through this paper, you can get know an: 

• Explanation of common business circumstances that make cybersecurity challenging

• A quick review of five common security threats: phishing, malware, ransomware, date breaches, and compromised passwords

• Three good remedies to improve security posture by building cybersecurity expertise, improving user security awareness, and creating and enforcing security policy.

Today’s threats and vulnerabilities require taking a highly systematic and strategic approach to security. It means a greater concern in identify and prioritize the protection and defense of their most valued assets.

Four essential steps to adopting IT as a service

December 6, 2022

Organizations are on a transformation journey to keep pace.

Cloud scaling and pay-per-use flexibility has been a catalyst for that transformation.

While they may benefit from the flexibility of a public cloud resources, they generally also require an on-premises solution. According to Gartner, over 75% of midsize and large organizations will have adopted a multicloud or a hybrid cloud strategy by 2021.

This paper guides organization on how to deliver the cloud experience on-premises. A quick review of the three basic approaches to obtaining IT resources:

1. On-premises compute: a capital expense model.

2. Public cloud: a subscription or pay-per-use model.

3. Public cloud-like on-premises: a pay-per-use, elastic IT consumption model. Commonly referred to as IT as a service (ITaaS).

 The benefits to the business of a cloud experience include faster project deployments, higher value products, increased operational efficiencies, and financial transparency that directly associates cost to consumption.

As organizations embrace a multi-cloud model, they expect all their IT environments to keep up.

Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022

December 6, 2022

IBM and Ponemon Institute come together every year to build research about keeping up with changing technology and events. The companies also try to form a more relevant picture of the risks and strategies for securing data and responding to a breach, from artificial intelligence (AI) to zero trust.

Can discover a new analysis related the following:

  • Extended detection and response (XDR)
  • The use of risk quantification techniques
  • Impacts of individual technologies that contribute to a zero-trust security framework, such as identity and access management (IAM) and multifactor authentication (MFA)

Furthermore, the report takes a broader look at: 

  • Leading contributors to higher data breach costs and staring at the effects of supply chain compromises and the security skills gap.
  • Examines areas of security vulnerability from the cloud to critical infrastructure. 
  • Take a deeper dive than in past years into the impacts of ransomware and destructive attacks. 
  • Analyzed is the phenomenon of remote work that continues to be a reality for many organizations past the peak of the COVID pandemic.

As companies experience more breaches and costs continue to climb, this report can provide as a tool to help teams better manage risk and limit potential losses.

Security QRadar XDR

December 6, 2022

Introducing IBM Security QRadar XDR: A Comprehensive Open Solution in a Crowded and Confusing Space

This White Paper is an attempt to answer the following question: What’s going on with threat detection and response today, and are there any promising developments for the future?

  • Organizations have many threat detection and response goals.
  • Threat detection and response challenges abound.
  • XDR may help address threat detection and response challenges.
  • Leading XDR solutions should provide enterprise-class functionality.

Read to know more about:

  • Improving the detection of advanced threats.
  • Increasing automation of remediation tasks.
  • Improving mean time to respond to threats.

The State of Enterprise Open Source

December 5, 2022

The present report explores why enterprise leaders choose the open-source development model and why technologies are built with this model.

This document clarifies the answers to important questions:

How important were enterprise open source solutions in addressing COVID-related challenges?

How important is enterprise open source to your organization’s overall enterprise infrastructure software strategy?

When deciding on a software vendor, what impact does knowing that they contribute to the open-source community have on your decision?

Why are you more likely to select vendors that contribute to the open source community?

Approximately what percentage of your organization’s software is proprietary vs. open source now or two years from now?

Automation course at Parkurbis started this week

Automation course at Parkurbis started this week

August 29, 2022

ITCenter Academy started this week the Automation course at Parkurbis, Covilhã‘s Science and Technology Park.

The academy aims to give trainees skills in new technologies, through theoretical and practical components, so that at the end of the course they will be integrated in ITCenter.

We marked the beginning of the training with a small reception to welcome the trainees. In addition, we had the presence of Isabel Barrau and Adelina Felizardo from IEFP, and Jorge Ramos from Parkurbis.

We would like to thank these two entities for all the support given to launch this course in Covilhã!

ITCenter has achieved Dell Titanium Partner status!

August 29, 2022

It is with great pride that we have reached the highest level of this partnership, reinforcing our collaboration and joint growth strategy in the market.

This status will also help us support our clients in the development of their companies. We currently hold numerous Dell qualifications in the following fields:

  • Apex Cloud Offer
  • Networking
  • Core Client
  • Server
  • Data Protection
  • Storage