White Papers

White Papers

The present white paper is research requested by F5 and produced by Aite Group to approach Strategies to Combat Sophisticated ATO Attacks.

In a short period of time, the global pandemic has dramatically shifted the way commerce is transacted. The online and mobile channels for banks and retailers alike are seeing sharp increases in transaction volume, as face-to-face commerce shifts to digital channels.

This white paper discusses the myriad challenges risk executives face as they seek to address the escalating threat environment while at the same time ensuring a seamless customer experience.

It then discusses the solutions available to help strike this balance. As criminals up the ante in the cybercrime arms race, it is important for firms to leverage equally sophisticated countermeasures, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics.

To F5 and Aite Group, the Key takeaways from the white paper include the following:

  • Increases in the attacks surface for the organized crime rings that have long been targeting these channels with advanced automated tactics. 
  • Heightens the urgency of deploying technology that can detect sophisticated credential stuffing and API attacks while not unduly burdening the user experience.

Organized crime rings will continue to enjoy their advantage in the lopsided chess game, but more firms are investing in sophisticated technology that will checkmate their attackers. This highlights the importance of making sound decisions when choosing how to combat the rapidly escalating threat of credential stuffing and API abuse.

Download the [[full report]] here

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