ITCenter, supported by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020, and European Union, took on the crucial mission of advancing the 5G network service in Portugal. The core objective was to conduct thorough research, develop concepts, and rigorously validate a range of specialized products within the functional domains of the 5G network, encompassing Access, Management, Control, and Security.

These carefully crafted products were designed to cater to the needs of various services and applications in the fields of IoT, such as the monitoring of power distribution networks, and broadband media, particularly video streaming. Their versatility allowed for seamless application in both B2B and B2C business models.

As the project unfolded, all the products underwent meticulous integration, rigorous validation, and compelling demonstrations within an ecosystem specifically tailored to foster new 5G services. This ecosystem provided a realistic test environment, resembling an extended university campus.

Spanning from January 2018 to December 2020, the project spanned a total of 36 months, aligning perfectly with the global implementation calendar for 5G technologies. The success of "Mobilizador" 5G greatly contributed to the advancement of 5G services in Portugal and played a significant role in the worldwide progress of 5G technology.

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